Why Instagram?

Instagram was first developed in 2010 by an American company. Instagram is available on App Store and Google Play which enables its users sharing their lives through pictures and videos. It also enables users connect their Instagram account to other social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc. Since 2010, Instagram has over 180 million active users and 50 million photos are being posted daily with 1.1 million likes generated per second.

 There are five main buttons on Instagram user interface. Firstly, users are able to edit their profiles and follow other users. Following people allows you to see photos that been uploaded by people who is in your follow list. From within the “Homepage” button you can scroll through posts in chronological order by all of the users you are following by. The “Star Icon” button is where you can see photos by other users with most likes. The “Camera” shaped button allows you to take a photo or choose a photo from your device’s photo albums and share it. Anytime someone follows you, likes one of your posts, comments on your posts, or tags you into a photo, you will be notified from the “News” button.

 Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media; it is too big not to join. There are many reasons for Instagram users to find that it is attractive. First of all, Instagram offers 20 different filters that can be used to enhance photos. Users do not have to equip with professional photographic technique, even boring photos can look amazing with some of these filters. Users can also add a caption or hash tags to the photo. Photos with same tags which taken by different users around the world will be categorized in same section. Moreover, the photo can be geotagged from where the photo was taken and the photo will be categorized in specific location. Secondly, just like other social network, Instagram is based on having followers. However, when you are struggling with Twitter character limitations and feeling free to be yourself on Facebook, where every family member is on your friends list, sometimes photos make it easier.

 For personal, Instagram not only provides an opportunity for users to share their stories but also enables users to connect with each other, even someone you will never meet. Taking a glimpse into their lives, you will be surprised how different or how alike you all are. From a photo of your lovely breakfast, to a stunning view on beach, every moment that you deem special can be broadcasted instantly to all of your followers. Moreover, you also will find people with a large number of followers try to use those followings to do something good. It raises awareness on specific events that happened around the world.

 For company, Instagram gives brands a chance to tell their stories through visuals. Social media become an indispensable tool for companies to build and maintain their brand images. Instagram has become a more mature social media platform for marketers to deliver messages and communicate with customers. With creative photos or videos and relevant content to maximize the use of Instagram, followers will pass on the story of the brand to others and increase exposures. In some cases, Instagram can be a useful tool for charity or non-profit organization to promote donation. There are some companies have done a tremendous job within Instagram, among them Nike (5.5 million followers), NASA (1.4 million followers), Adidas (1.6 million followers) and so on. You can find out more brands, celebrities, sports, non-profit organisations on Instagram from its “Notable Users” page.

 Social media have changed the way people communicate and how they reach information. Nowadays, phone number no longer is the first thing that you are given when you try to make friends with others. Adding friends through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram becomes more and more common, especially between young people. People from all walks of life stay optimistic in social media; Instagram is especially emphasized, because of the size of potential viewership. Instagram not only provides a platform for personal users to connect with each other but also offers brands an opportunity to establish a long term relationship with customers. Instagram seems to play an important role in our daily lives; it is excited to see how Instagram continues to grow and how they react to competition within photo sharing industry in the future.


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